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i bought this of eBay (11/01/2011) for £25 inc P&P Specs: 2x Pentium 3/512 L2/500MHz 1Gig of ECC RAM 4x 18.2Gig 10k RPM 160MB/s SCSI Hard Drives 12/24 Gig Tape Drive Smart Array 221 RAID Card (now upgraded to a Smart Array 3200 RAID Card, 64MB of read/write cache) Remote Insight Lights-Out board 2x 10/100Mb Dual network cards more specs - ( i did have 1 or 2 problems with installing a Linux OS (but not with Windows 2000 and XP) when i tried to install OpenSuse 11.3 it would freeze, after a bit of web searching i found that by adding some switches to the GRUB boot options (nousb nousbstorage apm=off noapic noht nomce skipddc) then the install went fine the other problem was that OpenSuSE would freeze when the Cap-Lock or Num-Lock key was pressed, also would not reboot, but again after some web searching i found out how to access the Advance Options in the BIOS (System Configuration Utility) by pressing CTRL+A and to change the APIC mode to Full Map that seemed to fix the rebooting problem, when i was in the Advanced Options i found a option named Hot Plug Keyboard, that was Enabled, i Disabled that and that seem to fix the keyboard problem, it still wont fully power down when halted, but that's no big deal. all in all a good buy i think.