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I have had this for about 8 or 9 years now (1998-99) and i would really like to see it working, it powers up and shows the ICL Copyright 1986 and the Diagnostic Program works (which is enabled by a Switch on the back of the Terminal), as far as i know that if it's connected up to a Mainframe/Computer or something like that, then all it should do is Dump data (on request) to the Terminal from the Mainframe/Computer that it's connected to. I have had a look on the internet for this Terminal but can't seem to find anything, but i did find out about some of the Chips in the Terminal, it looks like the "LINE INPUT" is TTL and the "COMMS A" port looks like it's a Serial Port, i think this Terminal use to be used on a UNIX based Mainframe/Computer. I use Linux (which is based on UNIX) on my PC and would really love it if i could use this Terminal on my Linux PC, so if anyone can help me out with this then that would be really cool. Thanks to Pete for the help he gave me regarding this terminal, now i know what all the ports are for and now i know that all i need is a MicroLan 2 Card to get it working, the not so good bit is that a MicroLan 2 Card might be hard to find, but i'm sure one will turn up on eBay one day. Update. this has been swapped for the ELF Terminal