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Me Welcome to my site, this is where you'll find all my little projects, stuff i've collected and any other related stuff i've done, I built this site all myself, right from scratch, using PHP, HTML, a little JavaScript and some CSS, i might not be that good at web design, but i do find it fun, If you have any comments or questions (good or bad) then do feel free to send me a Message or Sign My Guest Book.


here are some Programs, Scripts and other stuff that i have made

 Name  Size  Description 
image Farnell_FG1.pdf33MBs Manual for the Farnell FG1 Function Generator
image smart-viewer-remote.exe19MBs Samsung CCTV DVR Smart Viewer v2.0
image 1MBs Extract Thumbnails from the Tumbs.db in XP
image GDS806810_V124_Firmware.zip1MBs Firmware v1.24 for the GW Instek GDS-806S/C, GDS-810S/C
image V111_806-810.ZIP982KBs Firmware v1.11 for the GW Instek GDS-806S/C, GDS-810S/C
image GDS820840_V229.zip912KBs Firmware v2.29 for the GW Instek GDS-820S/C, GDS-840S/C
image 571KBs Find and Delete Temp files in XP
image Temp_Scan_dotNET_setup.exe 514KBs .NET Version of Temp Scan
image Change_Wallpaper_dotNET_setup.exe 344KBs Change Desktop Wallpaper from a folder of images (tested in XP)
image iclsetup.zip26KBs Herd Drive setup for old ICL computers
image 2KBs Generate Wallpaper Slide Show in Ubuntu/Gnome
image 2KBs Dialog Version of
image 828Bs Get list of New GMail emails by RSS (use with lcd4linux, etc.)

Some of My Programs may require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 found Here.

* = Stuff that i did not make, but thought it might be of some intrest.
Note: that all bash scripts listed above,
are all set to non executable,
so in order to run them on your Unix/Linux system,
you will need to set them to executable,
i.e chmod +x

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