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Me Welcome to my site, this is where you'll find all my little projects, stuff i've collected and any other related stuff i've done, I built this site all myself, right from scratch, using PHP, HTML, a little JavaScript and some CSS, i might not be that good at web design, but i do find it fun, If you have any comments or questions (good or bad) then do feel free to send me a Message or Sign My Guest Book.

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EasyData ELF Terminal (1987)
this EasyData ELF Terminal was swapped for the ICL DRS MK2 (see below), it has a 7" screen and a tiny keyboard, i think it use to be used to connect to the Prestel database system, provided by The Post Office, here in the UK.
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David Crookes: I was the Managing Director of Qual-Tech Engineering Services Ltd. I can confirm that the ELf terminal was sold to B.T. for their Prestel system before the company went bust in 1986. Indeed it was one of the reasons we went bust as it was a swine to manufacture. I still have some units and many spares if anyone needs them. See my website (same as e-mail address) under Workshop Clearance.
Date: Thu the 31st of Mar 2016

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