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Farnell FG1 Function Generator (1977/81)
I bought this of eBay for £16+P&P, the frequency dial and the potentiometer are missing, but all the boards are there, so i think it's going to make a for a nice little project.

it's all working now,

i was able to find a 5k pot for the one that was missing for the frequency adjustment (it's a bit of a hack but it will be fine for now),

 i was also able to find some replacements for the missing capacitors too (a 10uf for the 10sec sweep and a 10uf for the x1 frequency range),

 i also replaced the 47ohm resistor and the two clamping diodes on the main amp board (the 47ohm resistor tested fine but looked burnt),
 i also fixed the neon indicator on the front, cleaned the card connecter pins, switch contacts and fitted a power lead.

i've replaced the 5k potentiometer with a 10 turn 5k pot, i got off eBay, to give some finer control, it's not the best, but it works better then the single turn pot i put in.

Service Manual can be found at OR Here
Circuit Schematic
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