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Me Welcome to my site, this is where you'll find all my little projects, stuff i've collected and any other related stuff i've done, I built this site all myself, right from scratch, using PHP, HTML, a little JavaScript and some CSS, i might not be that good at web design, but i do find it fun, If you have any comments or questions (good or bad) then do feel free to send me a Message or Sign My Guest Book.

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Macintosh PowerBook 165c (1993)
i bought this MAC laptop for £30 about 12 odd years ago, it also came with a HP Desk Writer 310 inkjet printer, that should still work, (if i can find a new ink cartridge for it), the Mac still works ok (as you can see from the picturs), the battery however, was totally dead when i got it, but for it's age, it's still all in good shape.

HP Desk Writer 310

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