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Me Welcome to my site, this is where you'll find all my little projects, stuff i've collected and any other related stuff i've done, I built this site all myself, right from scratch, using PHP, HTML, a little JavaScript and some CSS, i might not be that good at web design, but i do find it fun, If you have any comments or questions (good or bad) then do feel free to send me a Message or Sign My Guest Book.

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My Backup Solution (using FreeNAS)

i’m the kind of person who thinks about backing up a lot, but i only do it every now and then, so i thought its time to work out some kind of solution, what i use to do was to just copy and paste the files i wanted to backup from each computer over FTP to my FreeNAS server, that worked ok for me, but the only problem was that i would have copy the files from each computer into a separate folder on my server and world be easy to lose track of my backups and was a bit of a pain to have to do each time.

so i thought about using some kind of syncing solution like RSync that FreeNAS offers, i’ve used RSync before but only to copy a large number of files, but not for syncing, i looked into how to setup RSync on my FreeNAS server and found it not to hard to do (see link below), the way i have set it up, is to sync each of my computers to a separate folder on my FreeNAS server, (i.e the name of each computer) and use a separate RSync Module linked to each folder (see link below), so for example on the hard drive on my server i would have a folder named say “/backup/computer1″ a folder named “/backup/computer2″ and so on, then i would add a module to the RSync server (see link below) named say “Computer One” and i would then link that to the folder “/backup/computer1″ (on the hard drive on the server) and so on, i would then select the name of the module i wanted to sync to in the RSync client on each of my computers, so i would be backing up/syncing, say the “My Documents” folder on my computer to the folder “/backup/computer1″ on my server and so on for each of my computers.

Link to setting up RSync on a FreeNAS server:

the RSync clients i use to sync my computers are, for Linux i use LuckyBackup and for windows i use QtdSync

i do also use some Online backup/syncing apps like Dropbox and SugarSync, but thats more for smaller stuff like documents etc.

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