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This was the first computer i started out with, this is my second BBC B, the one i used when i was young (that my dad got from where he worked) has seen better days plus i'm not even sure if it still works anymore.
This second BBC B i got from a classified add for just £10 for the lot (2006), the guy i bought it off was going to take it to the tip if he couldn't sell it, this one came with a lot more stuff than what i had,
like a Universal Teletext Adaptor (for reading Teletext on the BBC B), a Video Digitiser (to capture images from a video source), Magic Modem, CommSoft (Terminal Emulator on a EPROM),
Inter-Word (a Word Processor on a EPROM) and Watford Electronics DFS (a update for the BBC B's Disk Filing System, on a EPROM). The small black box is a Morse Code Transceiver,
this use to belong to my dad (who is no longer alive) but i can't seem to find the disk that came with it so i haven't been able to test it out to see if it works or not.