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i bought this of eBay for £38 + p&p, it needed a bit of a clean, but apart from that it works fine, plus all it's calibration seals were intact (well untill i took the top cover off), the one downside is that i didn't know that this model came as a base unit (back in the day), you would order it with the add-on cards that you needed, so as you can guess the one i got is just the base model, although it can only measure DC, it can read down to 1 micro volt, so it will come in really handy, plus that no-ones been in it since it was last calibrated, makes it even more worth the money. you can see here that all they did was cut off the neon indicaters for the cards that were not installed. here is where the AC/RMS, OHMs and the Ratio cards would of gone. here's a little mod i added to surpport the controls a bit better, as they were not bolted to anything. Racal-DANA 5000 Service Manual - (